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Sit membership: You need to have access to the training facilities to train with us. We are currently at Sit idrett Gløshaugen, which is a sports centre for students. The membership fee can be bought in the reception. NB! They might only take visa at the reception, but they also take mastercard online. More information about mebership fee, look at this site. Additional information at NTNUI’s website.


INSURANCE: Everyone that wants to practice with us MUST have insurance!
Foreign students cannot buy this insurance unless they plan to stay in Norway for over 12 months. If this is not the case, you need to either have your own insurance, or sign a responsibility document.

Gi price: 300 NOK
Insurance price: 250 NOK

Paid to account number: 8601 51 63471

Mark payment with:

Judo, What: Insurance + Gi (if you are buying) and «Your name».


When you have paid, send a mail containing payment confirmation, Name, Date of birth, and the Zip code of your staying residence.


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