Who are we?

We are a sporty and nice group of martial arts interested people wtih connections to the Norwegian University of Technology and Science. Whether you have trained judo for years and years, or you have never tried it before, we welcome you to come practise with us!

Our practices are varied with focus on every aspect of the traditional sport that is judo. You will learn ancient japanese customs and techniques and also learn about fighting. There are several competitions for judo and other martial arts in the region, and we will help you prepare if you wish.

We also try to have fun outside of the dojo. Every month we head down to the Students society for a beer and to socialize on a different arena. The loose talk has lead us into discussions on all topics from Trump to culture, beer, bitcoin and studies. We also have a good relationship to the other martial arts of NTNUI. From time to another we have seminars, meetings and social events together.



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